• Dr. Jen Spring

The NBA may just be your ticket to weight loss

No, not THAT NBA (although I’m sure training with National Basketball Association would surely increase your physical conditioning).

I’m talking about Next Best Action.

Have you heard of it?

Aside from weight loss coaching, I also do consulting work. A few of my clients are Financial Services companies and one of tools Advisors use in their work with clients is called ‘Next Best Action.’

Next Best Action (or NBA) is a decision-making tool that quickly analyzes the enormous amount of information Advisors have about a particular client (likes and dislikes, family situation, finances, etc.) and recommends the next single action the Advisor should take.

The beauty of NBA is that it takes some of the pressure and overwhelm off the Advisor. Instead of focusing on their end goal (a.k.a manage the majority of a client's money) it forces them to constrain their focus to today and the smaller steps that, over time, will lead them to their goal.

The end goal is overwhelming. One action today is doable.

So let’s apply this to weight loss.

There’s a ton of information out there. Many of it is conflicting.

You probably have a ton of things you tell yourself you ‘should’ be doing.

If you are like most people, you feel overwhelmed, and end up doing none, or very little, of them.

And then you punch yourself in the face for not doing it. Which only reinforces the process as hard and overwhelming.

And in turn, keeps you stuck.

Now, imagine applying NBA to losing your weight.

Everyday, as often as you’d like, you ask yourself, ‘what is the next best action I can take right now in this moment.’

You essentially take the end goal of losing X pounds or getting to X number on the scale off the table for your brain.

You constrain your focus. Your big goal is no longer breathing down your neck. You simply make one decision at a time and take one action at a time.

Rather than daily weigh-ins, you measure success by daily check-ins with yourself.

Did I use NBA today? How many times? Did I follow through each and every time? When I didn't follow through, what got in my way?

Using NBA doesn’t mean eating perfectly clean or working out like a mad woman. You get to decide what YOUR next best action is-- what works for you and your weight loss.

NBA simply means showing up for yourself, honoring your goals in some way, and having your own back.

That’s it.

Weight loss is just a series of small decisions and actions that you take over and over.

Keeping it simple is the best way to guarantee success.

So, now I ask you, what's your NBA?

P.S. Need help doing this on your own? Your NBA can be a free consult call with me. Send me an email or schedule your call here. You will leave this call with clarity about how you can finally lose your weight for good.

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