• Dr. Jen Spring

The Eating Game: Our Toddlers are Winning

Do you ever just watch your kids eat in awe?

Watching my 2.y.o old eat fascinates me.

I’m sure the fact that I’m a weight loss coach factors in here 😊 but anyone else with me on this?

She’s still at the age where food is just the solution to the problem of hunger.

  • If she eats a lot-- she’s still hungry. Anxiety, stress, anger, and resentment are irrelevant.

  • She doesn’t eat more for the mere fact that she’s at a party or a restaurant.

  • She asks for a snack when she’s hungry, and she asks to play when she’s bored.

  • She’s 100% tuned in to her body’s hunger and fullness and stops eating at the exact moment she’s satisfied.

  • The best part, she has absolutely no drama about the food she just ate. She’s over it as soon as it’s over.

Heck, all she wants is “uppy, uppy” out of her chair so she can start playing NOW because eating was actually NOT entertaining to her.

To her, eating is literally just a solution to the problem of hunger.

What’s so amazing is that—EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US STARTED THERE.

But we are soooo far from that now.

So what happened along the way? How did we go from then to now?


One time, when we were young, we felt like crap and someone offered us food and we felt better because we were distracted from our pain.

And then the next time we felt crappy we tried that again and it worked!

  • We've taught our brain that food makes us feel better-- and now it demands us to eat when we feel bad and throws an epic fit when we don’t obey. (All those, “a little won’t hurt”; “you deserve it” thoughts).

  • We’re taught that food makes our holidays and celebrations—how many times have you asked someone about their Thanksgiving and they told you all about the food and hardly mentioned the people?

  • We’ve learned that food brings people together and sharing food helps us connect.

(Tangent: when my husband and I first started dating, I actually used to get annoyed…like legit annoyed…that he didn’t like a lot of the foods I did and we couldn’t share. Like I actually thought that may be a problem in our relationship…WHAT???)

Essentially, we conditioned our way from then til now. Just like Pavlov and his dogs.

(No wonder dogs are (wo)man’s best friend 😊).

The fact that it’s JUST conditioning is amazing to know, though.

It means that if you’ve been stuck and struggling, the only thing standing between you and your natural weight is de-conditioning.

All those things you tell yourself about being weak, broken, not good enough, not strong enough…it’s all BS.

The only reason you haven’t lost your weight for good is because you’ve been focusing on the actions-- do this/don’t do that.

But you’re actions come from your thoughts and conditioning.

And as much as we try, we can’t ‘out-act’ our brains.

Our current results prove that.

We can, however, de-condition ourselves and learn to be in charge of our food, our bodies and our self-talk.

I’ve done it.

I teach others to do it.

You can do it too.

You absolutely CAN lose it for the last freakin’ time. Even if you’re scared sh!tless.

I am certain of it.

So, if you’re over it and ready to stop struggling, send me message here and we’ll set up a time to talk. You’ll leave that call with a clear picture of how you can go from now to then 😊


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