• Dr. Jen Spring

The Biggest Loser Is Returning to TV!!!????

The Biggest Loser is returning to TV!!!

That was the headline I saw when I was doing research yesterday.

I will 100% own that I watched this show in it’s early years (side note: I am a total reality TV junkie- like BravoCon is coming to NYC in November and I am seriously disappointed that tickets sold out in less than a minute!!!)

But back to the Biggest Loser.

Man, does this show upset me now.

I truly believe it personifies Every.Single.Thing that keeps so many of us stuck on the diet roller coaster.

It gives the contestants this artificial environment to lose all this weight—and they do.

But then they go home.

And they open the door and are quickly confronted with all the same circumstances (think: boss they hate, kid temper tantrums, prying mother-in-law), thoughts and feelings that led to overeating and gaining weight in the first place.

And because they never learned how to manage all the thoughts their brain throws at them urging them to self-sabotage and eat against their own will, they end up gaining it all back…and then some.

And then they feel shittier than ever.

Back to where they started…but worse…because here they are AGAIN.

Ugh. It really sucks.

That’s why I feel in the deepest recesses of my soul..in my bone marrow…that it is so important to lose weight in a way that you can sustain.

I know quick fixes sound amazing. I know you may lose a lot of weight. I know you may think that seeing your goal weight on the scale will motivate you to keep only eating salads and broccoli for the rest of your life.

But if you’re thinking about doing another ‘diet’ or some other quick fix…

Do yourself a favor.

Pass on it.

It’s not going to work. Not for long. Not forever.

Spare yourself the pain and unnecessary suffering.

Choose what DOES work instead.

What works is…a permanent approach to weight loss that doesn’t involve starving yourself, detoxing, liquid meals, expensive & pre-packaged meals, pills or any other drastic unsustainable method.

What works is…changing the way you talk to yourself—replacing the self-defeating thoughts with ones that motivate you to keep going.

What works is…approaching weight loss from a place of love.

I read a blog post the other day and the person said, ask yourself, “What feels most like Love.”

That really resonated with me…so I am bringing it to you. Ask yourself, “What feels most like Love?” and then eat, exercise and act accordingly.

Sustainable lifestyle changes, self-respect, and love…THAT’s what works.

Not a quick fix.

I want you to learn how to lose weight lovingly, realistically, and permanently.

So you never have to do it again.


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