• Dr. Jen Spring

How Dieting Is Keeping you Forever Running on the Weight Loss Hampster Wheel

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

This morning I was sitting in a bagel store eating my bagel listening [a.k.a. eavesdropping] to a woman talk about the diet she is getting ready to start.

She was talking about how fiber counteracts carbs and why certain foods are healthy if you pair them with certain other foods.

I think there was some formula or something.

And honestly, my head was spinning- it was so damn complicated.

All I kept thinking is, even if she manages to keep up with all these calculations and complicated formulas to lose some weight, how the f*@k is she ever going to sustain it?

The answer—she isn’t.

And that just sucks because

  • she thinks she has to torture herself with restrictive and complicated food plans to lose her weight.

  • she thinks she has to use some totally unrealistic fast weight loss promise.

  • she probably has a nagging thought that this diet is BS, but she’s too desperate to listen to her gut.

  • when her initial excitement wears off and the willpower she’s been relying on to restrict herself wears out, she’ll be back to where she started because no one can white knuckle themselves through the rest of their life

It sucks because that diet isn’t teaching her

  • how to solve for the reasons she’s overeating in the first place.

  • what to do when she feels an overwhelming urge for the free cupcakes sitting in the kitchen at work.

  • how to have a crappy boss, tantruming kids, and a day where everything goes wrong and still stay on plan.

  • that she’ll screw up and that it’s fine. That that one morning caving into a doughnut is just a doughnut until she decides to say f-it for the rest of the day.

  • how to cut through the mental BS that stands in the way of her eating only when she’s physically hungry and stopping when she’s satisfied.

Instead, that diet is keeping her on that same diet cycle of hell- breaking it (because the diet is broken- not her), feeling like failure, feeling shame, feeling like she sabotages herself, and feeling like nothing will ever work for her.

It would have been totally rude for me to go up to her and say NOOOO don’t do this to yourself, even though every fiber in my body wanted to.

So here I am writing about it.

No diet, food plan, diet pill, shakes, or complicated formula is going to permanently solve the problem because none of that is going to stand up to the mental beatdowns, fights with partners, family drama, crazy schedules, losing out on promotions that happen in real life.

That’s where the work is.

Working on learning how to go through life without having to eat your way through it.

Learning how to feel like YOU control food, instead of food controlling you.

Learning how to process urges instead of eat or use willpower in response.

When you learn this, there is no need for crazy plans.

There is no need for another BS diet.

There is no need for “formulas”

And there is no need to think some foods are “bad” foods.

There is a better way. A way that’s sane. A way that’s realistic.

A way that doesn’t feel like shit.


P.S. If this makes sense, then let’s chat. I can teach you how to break out of the all the past dieting habits and lose weight for the last time.

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