• Dr. Jen Spring

Diet Myth Busted: Why You Can't Willpower Your Way to Lasting Weight Loss

Don’t believe the hype, more willpower is not your ticket to little black dresses and confidence for miles.

I know, I know, everyone believes it…’if I only had more willpower I wouldn’t HAVE to eat the donuts.’

I used to think this too.

But here’s the thing, willpower isn’t power at all.

Willpower is resistance.

Have you ever held a beach ball under the water?

Or tried to get the Baby Shark song out of your head (um, all the freakin time)?

Or told yourself there’s no reason to be anxious?

What ends up happening?

The beach ball explodes up out of the water, you wake up at 2 AM to pee and sing the baby shark song all the way to the bathroom (true story) and your mild anxiety quickly turns into a mini panic attack.

It’s the exact same thing happens when we try and use willpower to resist those boston cremes in the Dunkin Donut box.

We can't stop thinking about them—images of the crisp edges, the creamy, smooth filling and the decadent, perfectly rich chocolate glaze on top-- looping in our head over and over. And the urge gets stronger with each loop.

And just like our arms get overwhelmed by the beachball’s resistance, pretty soon we’re 1 ½ donuts into that box.

Luckily it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is an alternative to willpower.

I teach conquering urges NOT by charging them down with steel determination.

I teach how to process urges; how to allow urges to be there—without resistance, without distraction.

Because if you process it from the beginning to end, there is no resistance. And without resistance, it floats away.

Just like the beach ball if you never tried to push it under the water in the first place.

P.S. The hardest part of losing weight is going from feeling like your urges control you --> you control your urges. It’s a lot easier to get there when you have a process to follow. When you aren’t guessing. When you have step-by-step guidance. And specific coaching around the things that trigger YOU. If this makes sense, then email me and we'll set up a free call. We’ll figure out why what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked and exactly what you can do instead so that you can start losing your weight for the last time.

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