• Dr. Jen Spring

Are we there yet???

This weekend we drove to cape cod.

To say I’ve been dreading the ride is understatement.

I’ve never been a fan of long car rides, but now with having a 2+ year old, well, my “not loving” turned into complete and utter dread.

Like to the point where I thought to myself that going on this week-long vacation isn’t even worth it with having to drive so far on the bookends of the trip.

Wait, what???

We should miss out on a week off filled with fun, relaxation and family bonding to avoid the discomfort of a 6 --10+ hour ride to get there (big range = toddler on-board 😊)?!?!?!


Well, I thought about what I was thinking and I realized that this is exactly how so many of us think about a lot of the things we want for ourselves, including weight loss—ESPECIALLY weight loss.

We want, pine, dream, wish, and hope for the future state.

But when we think about the things we will have to do to get there, we decide it will be uncomfortable, awful, hard and we don’t even try.

And we fail before we even start.

But what if we took the journey one small step at a time? We weren’t in a rush to get there? We didn’t put all this pressure on ourselves to be there yesterday?

If we didn’t overload ourselves with ALL the things but instead focused on finding little victories along the way?

How would we feel then?

Well, I’ll tell you how it went for our trip to the cape.

We drove in 2-hour increments and focused on only getting to the next destination. At each destination we did something fun- we had brunch, we took our daughter to an aquarium, we stopped and ran around in a park and had a picnic.

And 10 hours later, we arrived at our rental house on the Cape.

Yes, it was a very long day…but it was a day that we made OURS and did it in a way that felt good to us.

We reached our destination-- whether it took us 6 or 10 or 12 hours to get there.

And now that we are here, I have to say, how long it took us to get here feels SO irrelevant.


So now I’m asking you…

Do you not start or give up on your goal because you are dreading the journey to get there?

What if you weren’t in a rush?

If you got to your ideal weight but it took you 2 extra months to get there, would you feel any less proud, accomplished or excited about how you feel?

Make one small change at a time so you end up losing the weight in a way you can live it forever.

P.S. If you want to lose weight in a way that sane, realistic and permanent, I can teach you how. To learn more, book a free consult call with me by clicking here.

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