I started my career as a psychologist working in a forensic hospital with mentally ill criminal offenders. 

So when I say I understand the mind and how to direct it from giving us results we don't want to results we do, I mean it. 

I began coaching on weight loss because I love giving the gift of weight loss to women who are just like I was.

Busy women and moms who are going a mile a minute and can't seem to achieve the lasting weight loss that they want so badly.

These women are successful in so many areas of their lives, and hate that they can't figure out why they can't make days or weeks on a diet or fitness plan string into months, years and then a lifetime.


The thing they say about being your own worst client is true. Even though I understand the human mind implicitly it took me a long time to actually apply the principals I teach to others, to myself. 

But once I decided I had finally had enough of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, of eating almost against my own will, I stopped half-assing it and really applied what I knew about the mind to manage my own brain.









And I am finally free. Free from constant thoughts about weight, food and my body. And free to focus on what I truly love in my life: my husband, my energizer-bunny of a toddler daughter, and helping other women achieve this freedom too.

Permanent weight loss happens by treating the cause...it has to happen in the mind in order for it to be sustained in the body. 

That's why regardless of what's happened before, regardless of how long you've been riding the weight loss roller coaster, you can step off, lose weight and bypass that ride forever. 

Ready to get started?

But I understand. I understand because I've been there.

I addressed the WHY instead of the how and the weight came off and stayed off.